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Hi, I'm Re'Nique.

I solve knowledge and skill gaps through interactive learning experiences.

Recent Projects

Customer Centric Communication Mock Ups For Website (1).png

Customer Centric Communication

Scenario Based eLearning

A project designed and developed to help customer service representatives engage in effective techniques to solve customer inquiries. 

Customer Centric Communication Mock Ups For Website (3).png

High-Yield Meeting Mastery

Tab Interaction

An eLearning initiative designed to assist meeting hosts in optimizing the value of virtual meetings by providing comprehensive guidance for preparation.


Tailored Learning Experiences

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Customized eLearning modules blend design, animation, branding, and interactivity for tailored learning experiences.

Engaging Instructional Animations

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Engage learners with modern animated videos, combining storytelling, instructional design, and versatility for various purposes.

Multimedia Editing and Producing

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Integrating multimedia such as audio, video, and graphic elements,  create dynamic, interactive learning in diverse formats, enhancing educational content's effectiveness and appeal.

Sean R, Director of Operations

“Re’Nique always impressed me with her professionalism, ability to execute complex strategies, and excelled in her work ethic. She consistently developed creative solutions to challenging problems and brought genuine enthusiasm to the work she did. She made sure the job was done and done well.”
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